Thursday, June 11, 2009

Something we do

Relationships, we do this.

People have relationships because they are willing to try. they are willing to put something out there for someone else to love. kind of like a friendship. but a little deeper. you can kiss your friend, but you won’t get that spark. people have relationships to feel that spark on a regular basis. people are in relationships, because they are risk takers. time managers. horny as hell. people have relationships to try their hand at success. people have relationships to work on themselves.

people have relationships, because love is a need. people want relationships, because humans crave companionship.

you meet someone. you want to puke, because relationships, in their beginning stages, make you want to puke, but you do it anyway. because you are strong. too excited. because you found someone that is worth it.

people have relationships to spend vacations with people they can kiss under the stars. people want these relationships so that they can play scrabble with someone just as smart as they are. people want that ball and chain, because sometimes it’s fun to yank it back.

people have relationships because of train stations. because sometimes you want someone to kiss you goodbye. and sometimes it’s nice to kiss someone hello. because you are brave in the waiting, and happy in the anticipation. because, sometimes, there is nothing better than waiting for a train that will start a 2 hour trip.

and this is why, i have learned, people do this.

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