Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The script has gone through some editing

I had so many different expectations for this summer, it's pretty unbelievable how it actually turned out. It's like I had a cast, the plot, the whole wardrobe, setting, climax and ending already set up. And now I look at this summer and realize that everything has changed. This storyline has branched off in a whole new direction. A direction that I wasn't rehearsed for, I didn't memorize my lines, I'm not off-book. So i guess I'm going to improv, which always gets you through. Due to the change in the plot/storyline, the setting has changed as well. And probably the most drastic change of this summer was the cast. There are people out of my life who I thought would be supporting characters, but now there are new supporting characters and new leads. Which I actually really love because this is obviously the way the script should have been written.

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